BrainPad Pulse

MakeCode-ready STEM Coding Micro-Computer with Display. BrainPad accessory kit options help to expand knowledge in robots, games & circuits! Supports MicroPython & .NET C# for serious coders too!

About this Item:

  • Learn to code! Microsoft MakeCode preloaded for block coding, great for beginners.
  • Features: Display, buzzer, accelerometer, temp sensor and buttons.
  • Includes carrying case and USB cable.
  • Exclusive BrainPad accessory kits available to expand knowledge in coding robots, games and circuits.
  • Online lessons provide basic understanding of coding and fun exercises.
  • Advanced users can switch to MicroPython and C# for serious coding.
  • NOT compatible with micro:bit or micro:bit accessories!

Product Description

The BrainPad Pulse is an evolving Coding Micro-Computer giving you multiple coding options to learn and use, suitable for young learners to advanced users alike. Options include Microsoft MakeCode for easy drag-and-drop block coding. MakeCode runs in a browser and requires no installations. For a more serious coding path, the BrainPad Pulse supports MicroPython and .NET C#, and we provide installation instructions online for getting started.

Feature/LanguageMakeCode.NET C#MicroPython
Compatible DevicesModern Browser on
Window, Mac or Chromebook
Windows machine onlyWindows or Mac
LevelVery EasyMedium to ExpertHard to Expert
AgeMiddle schoolHighschool to collegeHighschool to college
Required SoftwareOnlineMicrosoft Visual StudioThonny
Code AssistYesYesNo
Best forDrag and drop blocksUses a professional IDESimple and powerful
Future PathLearn computer science conceptsLearn proper coding/debuggingLearn true coding
Learning PathCoding BasicsC, C++, JavaScriptPython

The shape of the edge gives the BrainPad Pulse options for maximum connectivity. There are two ways for expanding… by using clips on the circle pads;

or by plugging into one of our exclusive BrainPad accessory kits. (combine the 2 images into one side by side image. animated gifs are not allowed)

Use the acquired knowledge to Play, Code & Excel with Robots, Games and Circuits! BrainPad provides a one-stop-shop by offering exclusive accessory kits, making it easy for you to evolve seamlessly.

There are several BrainPad accessory options, taking it to the next level.

The BrainPad Pulse is NOT a micro:bit and only works with BrainPad approved accessories.

(image showing X over micro:bit?)

Includes carrying care and USB cable.

Perfected and supported in the USA. We are here to answer questions and help you with your next invention, visit