BrainPad Family

Coding Robots, Games and Circuits

These BrainPad options are multi-purpose and can be used for coding robots, games, and circuits on multi-levels. Both, the BrainPad Pulse and the BrainPad Tick, share the same processor and capabilities.

BrainPad Pulse

Pocket-sized computer with full-sized edge connector, motion sensor, buttons, buzzer, and display. With this versatile educational tool, learners experience their code come to life visually and with motion, lights and sound!    

BrainPad Tick

Micro-sized “brain” with a small edge connector, buttons, and LEDs. Make your projects even more compact with this tiny board, a fun and low-cost option perfect for makers who like to tinker!

Coding Games

The BrainPad Arcade is made to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade for game development only.

BrainPad Arcade

Start making games in minutes, thanks to Microsoft MakeCode Arcade.


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