BrainPad Arcade

Get Started By Connecting the BrainPad Arcade

To get going with the BrainPad Arcade you will be programming it to show a pizza sprite on the screen. Go ahead and plug the BrainPad Arcade into your computer and follow the steps below.

Next Build the Program

Go to and click on start a new project (where the large plus sign is).

Then, click on Sprites and then drag the Set sprite block to the green “on start” block on the main screen. Change the sprite to whatever you like from the gallery or draw your own.

If the simulator is not “playing”, click the play button and now you will see the sprite you added in the middle of the simulator’s screen.

Prepare the BrainPad

After you connected the BrainPad Arcade earlier, your PC should have detected a new drive, called “ARCADE-F4”. If it didn’t, press reset on the board and then it will. Every time you press reset the board will cycle between the mode to load files, if connected to a PC.

Download the Program

Click download and save the file on the “ARCADE-F4” drive. The Green light will flash for a moment and the BrainPad will make the same sound you heard on the computer earlier. If you are using the Chrome browser, it is possible to sync the board so the file will download automatically to your board.

If you are using the Chrome browser, you may get prompted to sync your device. This will allow to you to download the file directly onto the device.


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