Coding Options

The BrainPad is designed to give you options. It is designed to work for beginner as well as an expert. It is designed to work with a child and the grandmother! For that, it ships with multiple coding options.

Feature/LanguageScratchDUE.NET C#MicroPython
LevelVery EasyEasy to HardMedium to ExpertHard to Expert
AgeElmentaryMiddle to HighschoolMiddle school to ProfessionalHighschool to college
Coding InterfaceOnlineOnlineMicrosoft Visual StudioThonny
Code AssistN/ANoYesNo
Best forDrag and drop blocksEasy and dynamic codingUses a professional IDESimple and powerful
Future PathLearn computer science conceptsLearn true codingLearn proper coding/debuggingLearn true coding
Learning PathNoneC, C++, C#, BASIC, Java, JavaScript, PythonC, C++Python
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