Empowering Educators

Whether you are a professional teacher or a homeschooling parent, the BrainPad is like no other, designed to give educators the necessary tools.

School to Home

The BrainPad ecosystem is designed to make implementing in schools an easy process. Teachers can use the provided curriculum or develop their own plan of action that takes advantage of the many programming options.

Parents teaching at home can offer a complete programming option even if they have no background in computer science. Just follow the existing lesson plans and you and your student can both learn together. Even if you’re not teaching at home, we encourage school teachers to send the BrainPad home. Fun and learning does not stop outside of school.

The Core

Unlike most STEM coding platforms, the BrainPad is engineered, manufactured and supported in the USA. While the BrainPad may look like other circuits on the outside, it is internally powered by a SITCore processor with enough resources for professionals while keeping a simple learning curve.

Coding Options

BrainPad hosts a well capable processor with serious professional-level coding options, Python and .NET C#. These languages are used by millions of developers around the world. We provide lesson plans designed to demonstrate both of these coding options, allowing the user to choose the one they want to learn and utilize. The lessons highlight how the languages can differ in syntax but ultimately provide the same outcome.


The BrainPad ecosystem includes a variety of supported accessories, eliminating the challenge of making the right selections. The BrainPad accessories include lesson plans and everything an educator needs to show students how to “make a robot dance!”

Truly Empowering

A professional educator at a school and a retired dentist at a library can similarly teach coding with the BrainPad! In fact, we have seen students teach other students with the BrainPad, with the teacher being the facilitator.

Teachers Who Inspire

Do you remember a teacher who inspired you, who turned on the light bulb that changed your life? We want you to be that teacher who helps students find their passion, be more creative, and lead more fulfilling, productive lives.


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