Empowering Educators

Whether you are a professional teacher or a homeschooling parent, the BrainPad is like no other, designed from scratch to be beginner friendly but has everything a professional needs.

Made for Schools

The BrainPad Eco-system is designed to make implementing in schools an easy process. Teachers can uses the provided curriculum or develop their own plan of action, that takes advantage of the many programming options.

Made for Homes

Parents teaching at home can offer a complete programming option even if they have no background in computer science. Just follow the existing lesson plan and you and your student can both learn together. Even if you’re not teaching at home we encourage school teachers to send the BrainPad home. Fun and learning does not stop school.

The Core

Unlike most STEM and coding platforms on the market, the BrainPad is engineered and manufactured by GHI Electronics, a company that has been in architecting hardware and software in the commercial space for about 20 years.

On the outside, the BrainPad looks like other circuits. However, the heart of the BrainPad is SITCore processor that allows for commercial grade software deploying and debugging trough its TinyCLR Operating System. BrainPad everything a professional need to write software. Fear not, the team did not leave it at that, there are enough options to let small children code and enjoy the BrainPad, same as for teenagers and adults. The BrainPad grows with you, age-wise and skill-wise.

Coding Options

Teachers and students should have the choice on what language they want to learn. The coding options should also overlap and make transition from simple blocks to full fledged coding. The acquired knowledge should grow seamlessly from the BrainPad into coding other devices, like phones and computers.

One of the coding options is DUE, a Dynamic, Universal and Extensible language that allows the user to code in multiple syntax styles. It requires no installation and works with modern devices, including Chromebooks.


Expanding growing knowledge with the BrainPad goes beyond options for different skill levels and age groups. The BrainPad itself can be extended with a verity of accessories. Some of these accessories kits are BrainPad official and come with lesson plans and everything a user need to “make a robot dance!”

Teaching Materials

A professional educator at a school and a retired dentist at a library can similarly teach coding with the BrainPad! In fact, we have seen students teach other students with the BrainPad. The teacher was only the facilitator.


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