Classic Features

The BrainPad has an intuitive 3 step flow of information: Input -> Process -> Output. Students learn that computers work in the same way the human brain reacts to sensory data.

The BrainPad Classic is full of out-of-the-box sensors, making it perfect for physical computing needs. This page lists the available features.


An accelerometer measures the acceleration of your BrainPad this component senses when the BrainPad is moved. It can also detect other actions, e.g. shake, tilt, and free-fall.


There are 4 directional buttons on the front of the BrainPad (labelled U, D, R, L). Reset Button, and a Boot Button. You can detect when these buttons are pressed, allowing you to trigger code on the device.

Light Sensor

The BrainPad Light Sensor is used to measure and detect the amount of light hitting the sensor.

Temperature Sensor

This sensor allows the BrainPad to detect the current temperature, in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The Brain

“The Brain”, which processes the information you give it to create a specific response, “Output”.

Expansion Headers

Expansion Headers allow you to be creative and “Expand” the BrainPad’s abilities. Add additional sensors like a gas sensor and wireless connectivity sensor quickly and easily.

USB Interface

A standard micro USB interface allows for powering the device as well as deploying applications.


The BrainPad buzzer is an output device. It is a tiny speaker that lets you play simple sounds and retro music.


The BrainPad display is an output device. The BrainPad has commands allowing you to display numbers and text and draw simple pictures and shapes.

Light Bulb

The BrainPad Light Bulb actually contains three light emitting diodes (LEDs) in one package. One LED is red, one is green, and one is blue.

Servo Motors

The BrainPad has built in support for two servo motors. These can be either continuous or positional servo motors. Continuous servo motors can have their speed and direction controlled but there is no control over their position. They are capable of rotating continuously in either direction.

Get Started

With so many different components and combinations, the only limit to the BrainPad is your imagination.


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