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By its very nature the BrainPad has significant advantages over tablets, phones and PCs. The design is open, allowing all components to be examined. The schematic is on the website. Datasheets are available online for all components. Students can easily connect the BrainPad to external devices. The fact that students can see and feel the underlying circuitry improves understanding, interest, and retention.

The BrainPad is ready to go right out-of-the-box, making it perfect for physical computing needs. This page lists the available features.


There are 4 directional buttons and an A and B button on the front of the BrainPad Arcade. There’s also buttons to access Menu, Start and Reset.

The Brain

“The Brain”, which processes the information you give it to create a specific response, “Output”.

Expansion Header & JACDAC

Expansion Header on the back  allow you to be creative and “Expand” the BrainPad Arcades abilities. Also included is a JACDAC plug with allows you to connect two BrainPad Arcades together for multiplayer games and fun.

USB Interface

A standard micro USB interface allows for powering the device as well as deploying applications.


The BrainPad buzzer is an output device. It is a tiny speaker that lets you play simple sounds and retro music.

Color Display

The BrainPad Arcade has 160×120 Full Color Display, backed by the built in game engine.




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