Space Shooter Series

Space Shooter Series

In this series we will create a Space Shooter game. We’ll learn about adding Sprites, moving Sprites, creating projectiles, and collision detection between Sprites.

Target Audience: Anyone 13+ will find benefit from this series. Younger audience can still follow along when paired with an adult. An example can be a pops/grandchild STEM weekend event!


#1. What is a Sprite?

A sprite is an object such as a player or a coin. However, anything in the background is just an image and not a sprite.

#2. What is a good variable name?

Sprite1 is a bad name for a variable because it’s not descriptive of what value it is holding. X is also a poor variable name for this same reason. Single letter variables are used sometimes in programming but never for things we care about using.

#3. What is the importance of different sprite types?

While different sprite types do create organization, they are also a good practice and necessary in order to create interaction between sprits such as a player and the coin.


Setup: You will need any computer with a modern internet connection. Windows, Mac, and even Chromebook will work! You actually can use a tablet but that is not recommended. Having a BrainPad is optional but highly recommended. Making a game on a PC is fun, but nothing is more engaging to learners than taking the game they made and load it on a device they are holding in their hands.

All lessons have to be done in a sequence but can be stopped at any lesson. All lessons are designed to be 20-min or learning and 40-min of lab/hands-on. See the Lesson Plans home page for details.

These presentations have embedded videos. Make sure your setup is capable of showing the embedded videos. Also be sure to look at the notes inside the presentation.

Lesson 1

Creating and moving Sprites. Adding projectiles.

Lesson 2

Adding an enemy and collision detection to a game.

Lesson 3

Make it a game. Add scoring, lives and effects.

Lesson Plans

This series is part of multiple lesson plans provided for different uses. The lesson plan main page includes further details and a prerequisite lesson for this series.


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