MakeCode Intro

Microsoft MakeCode is an online-hosted editor that brings an easy way to control the BrainPad using drag-and-drop blocks or JavaScript.

The Simulator

The MakeCode IDE includes a simulator that you can use now, BrainPad optional! We will blink the LED (Light Bulb) as a first project.

Visit the MakeCode editor and start with the first lesson on that page (under the large plus sign).

When you are done, the LED (the Light Bulb!) on the simulator will be blinking. It is the little light found at the top left corner.

Loading Programs

Connect the BrainPad to the PC using a USB cable.

Hold both A and B buttons down for a couple of seconds to instruct the BrainPad to get ready for accepting MakeCode programs.

The screen should look like this image.

If you still do not see the previous image on the screen (after holding the buttons) then the BrainPad had been modified to support other programing languages. Fear not, you can always bring it back by following the instructions on the MakeCode Setup page.

When the BrainPad is ready to accept MakeCode programs, the connected PC will detect a storage device called BrainPad, similar to a storage device when you plug in a USB memory stick.

All we have to do now is download our program and save it onto the “BrainPad storage device”. Start by clicking the download button.

Now save the downloaded file to the “BrainPad storage device”. There are many ways to do this, just like if you were dealing with any other file. One of the ways is to drag the downloaded file to the “BrainPad”.

Congrats, you can now jump into making your own programs for the BrainPad. You may want to bookmark this link

What’s Next?

Everything you need for MakeCode is found at the MakeCode IDE Page. Other serious coding options are also covered through the available lessons.