MakeCode Setup

The BrainPad ships already prepped for MakeCode. This page will help in verifying the setup and in prepping it back for MakeCode should it was modified for another coding option.

Verify Setup

Connect the BrainPad to the PC using a USB cable.

Hold both A and B buttons down for a couple of seconds to instruct the BrainPad to get ready for accepting MakeCode programs.

The screen should look like this image.

If you still do not see the previous image on the screen (after holding the buttons) then the BrainPad had been modified to support other programing languages. Fear not, you can always bring it back by following the instructions below.

BrainPad Setup

Before using MakeCode, we first need to load the BrainPad with MakeCode loader firmware. You only need to do this once! The tool to load the desired firmware is found at Follow the steps on that page and load the MakeCode firmware. If unsure where the buttons are, the image below clarifies the locations.

After loading the firmware successfully, the BrainPad Pulse will display the following screen.

It will also show up on the computer as a storage device called BrainPad with INFO.TXT file.

Function Modes

The A and B buttons are used to put the BrainPad in different modes. This is a list of these functionalities/modes.

  • Holding A and B for a couple of seconds while running a MakeCode program will put the device into MakeCode loading mode.
  • While in MakeCode loading mode, pressing any button will exit the loading mode and run a previously loaded MakeCode program.
  • Holding B button down and keep holding during reset or during power up will put the device into MakeCode loading mode, similar to holding A and B for few seconds.

What’s Next?

The BrainPad is now ready for MakeCode.