Professional Coding, with a Style!

Top Level Statements

Getting started with .NET C# programing on the world-class Microsoft Visual Studio IDE is easy, thanks to the combination between the provided BrainPad class library (NuGet) and the top-level-statements support.

More on this late!

.NET C# & TinyCLR OS

The heart core of BrainPad runs TinyCLR OS, a commercially used operating system for small devices. TinyCLR OS allows for great flexibility and makes is possible for PC/tablet/phone programmers to now use the same .NET C# knowledge on smaller device, including the BrainPad.

More on this later!

This is no longer supported. We only support Microsoft MakeCode.

The BrainPad gives you the option to code in C# or Visual Basic through a truly professional development environment: Microsoft Visual Studio. These modern .NET languages are used by millions of developers to create applications for smart phones, tablets and even computers.


When writing full applications with hundreds or thousands of lines of code, debugging becomes a requirement. This is where you can step through code, set breakpoints and inspect variables. Complete set of debugging capabilities are available on the BrainPad.


The magic behind the scene happens though GHI Electronics TinyCLR OS. It is what allows the BrainPad to execute C# and Visual Basic through Visual Studio. You can learn more about TinyCLR OS on the GHI Electronics website.


Now that you are ready to take the BrainPad beyond its limits, check out the BrainPad Documentation.


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