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BrainPad Tick is a special order promotional item. It uses the same core as BrainPad Pulse on a smaller package. Start learning with the BrainPad Pulse and then miniaturize your project with BrainPad Tick.

The cutest STEM board ever made is not just a powerful processor, it also includes 2 buttons and 25 bright LEDs. The edge connector is also there for connecting and building projects.


  • MakeCode / Python / C# coding options
  • 25x Orange LED lights
  • 2x buttons.
  • Edge connector for expandability

Pulse to Tick!

The processor and coding options are identical on BrainPad Pulse and BrainPad Tick. The edge pads are also compatible with Pulse and Edge. The Tick is simply the right-half of the Pulse, keeping the circle pads P2, 3V and GND in the exact same location. The P0 and P1 circle pads are moved to the top.

The shape of the edge gives BrainPad Tick options for maximum connectivity. All pads starting P12 and up are available on the edge, including I2C Bus. The circle pads with holes can be connected using alligator clips. The smaller edge-pads can be used with PCB edge connectors.

Elevated Experience

Need a full-featured option? Consider BrainPad Pulse.

Ordering Info

NamePart NumberPrice
BrainPad TickBPC-TICK-CSpecial Order only

* Requires standard Micro USB Cable, not included.


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