Why the BrainPad?

Why the BrainPad?

The BrainPad is an exciting STEM/STEAM mini computer for learning and coding video games, robots and electronics. With the BrainPad, students do not realize that they are learning coding and computer science because they are so excited to use and play with the BrainPad.

Zero Risk

You can get started for free using the online simulator without installing anything on your computer. When you are convinced of its value, buy a BrainPad and try it out or get a free one if you qualify!


Other STEM products are one sided toys with limited potential. Students quickly “hit the wall,” run into the limitations of the device, get bored and lose interest.

The BrainPad is multi faceted. Of course you can use it for game design and coding, but you can also use it to build a robot, learn electronics, measure the aerodynamic lift of a model airplane, test the impact protection of product packaging, log and graph the temperature of exothermic chemical reactions, learn about audio, create music, build alarm systems, test hearing and reaction time, control stage lighting. . . students are only limited by their own creativity. Exposing students to a diverse array of subjects gives them a better chance of finding a career they are passionate about.


The BrainPad is designed and manufactured by a company that specializes in commercial electronic engineering tools. The very same tools and techniques used by our professional customers can also be used with the BrainPad. As a result, no other company can move students as quickly from the classroom to success in the workplace.

Needless to say, not every student will go on to become a programmer or engineer. The BrainPad also helps with math, reading, critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication and collaboration skills. The combination of the “three Rs” along with people and technical skills is highly sought after by employers.

Technology is Everywhere

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology. – Carl Sagan

The inside of any office, factory, hospital, auto shop, design studio, or restaurant will drive home the fact that technology is increasingly finding it’s way into every corner of our lives. Even farmers are reliant on technology to increase yields and reduce costs. While not every student will work in the technology sector, all students will be dependent on technology in their daily lives. Technical knowledge gives students a greater chance of success no matter what they choose as a future career.

Open Architecture

By its very nature the BrainPad has significant advantages over tablets, phones and PCs. The design is open, allowing all components to be examined. The schematic is on the website. Datasheets are available online for all components. Students can easily connect the BrainPad to external devices. The fact that students can see and feel the underlying circuitry improves understanding, interest, and retention.

Be the Teacher that Inspires

Do you remember a teacher that inspired you, that turned on the light bulb, that changed your life? We want you to be that teacher. The teacher that helps students find their passion, be more creative, and lead more fulfilling, productive lives. We offer classroom packages, professional development workshops, and free online instruction and videos to help.

Get Started Today!

You can start for free and increase your investment as your budget allows. The BrainPad hardware is designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States, and costs less than a textbook! What are you waiting for?


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