Midtown Mosaic Church LMTLESS Program

In July of 2018 we were proud to be a part of the Mosaic Midtown Church LMTLESS summer program for Detroit middle school students at Lawrence Tech. This program focused on personal and professional development with an emphasis on STEM. In addition to coding, students were introduced to six fields of engineering, chemistry, entrepreneurship, digital art and media communications.

Middle School STEM Summer Camp

Thanks to a generous donation by Intel, BrainPad was a key element in this year’s Oakland Schools’ Middle School STEM Summer Camp. This camp allows students to experience a variety of fields from engineering, information technology, culinary arts, robotics, health sciences and visual imaging. Additionally, there is an annual career day that allows participants the opportunity to visit STEM-related programs at Oakland University. Read more Here.

Google CS First Annual Event

On February 27th, GHI Electronics, along with several great companies partnered with Tech248 and the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office for the Google CS First Annual Event. Students spent their time rotating through a series of interactive stations utilizing the latest in tech hardware/software, augmented reality and video games.