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Coding Education

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We Bring STEM Coding To Schools, Institutions, Universities, and Everywhere!

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All you need to - PLAY|CODE|EXCEL!
For every age, 8 to 108!

The Brains

STEM Microcomputers for every age and every level


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Official Plug-and-play kits for the BrainPad Microcomputers.

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The Lessons

Lessons cover coding options, from simple to professional.

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Coding Devices

Learn to code with one tool and grow from novice to expert. Learn More

Coding Education

From our Approach, Offerings and Promise, Team BrainPad is there to help you learn or teach coding. Learn More

Coding for All

BrainPad is for anyone who wants to learn coding.  It’s never too late to be a part of the digital world! Learn More

Educators’ Hub

Customized curriculum, teacher training, project ideas, and more to integrate coding into your STEM initiatives. Learn More

Several lessons to get you started…

STEM requires an evolving platform, not a toy, though you can still PLAY. The BrainPad is designed to excite everyone about understanding the digital world.
It is made to work for beginners and experts alike, ages 8 to 108! With technology and CODE becoming part of our daily lives, learners can use the acquired knowledge to help them EXCEL in any field of study.

Start Coding THINGS!
Coding... The way you like it!
Beginner to Expert
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