STEM Microcomputer for Coding
robots, games & circuits


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Coding... The way you like it!
All you need to PLAY|CODE|EXCEL!

The Brains

BrainPad Pulse is a Coding Micro-Computer, for beginners and for experts.

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The Accessories

Plug-and-play accessories for the BrainPad Pulse.

Multiple Options

The Code

Start coding with MakeCode blocks and go to Python and C# when ready.

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STEM Centric

Challenges learners in multiple areas of study in fun, creative and engaging ways.

Exciting Learners

Code comes to life on circuits that they can see, hear, and touch.

Empowering Educators

Everything needed for teachers, homeschoolers, and library volunteers.

Community Impact

The US-based BrainPad impact is evident in communities around the world.

Start without any hardware
using the online simulator
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Latest News, Projects and Blogs

  • BrainClip Video Series
    The BrainClip Video Series provides detailed step-by-step instructions for wiring and coding using the BrainPad Pulse & MakeCode
  • Keynote Address
    Gus Issa, Founder and CEO BrainPad will be the keynote speaker at the event.
  • BrainPad @ MACUL 2022
    BrainPad was at the annual Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) conference.
  • Everbest Media New Distributor
    Team BrainPad is pleased to announce the addition of Everbest Media as one of its distributors. Located in Malaysia,

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