A mini computer for learning and coding video games, robots and electronics.

The BrainPad

Introducing the BrainPad Arcade

STEM through Creating Retro Games

STEM requires an evolving platform, not a toy
As you evolve so does the BrainPad
Out of the Box, Connect and Code

No Assembly Required

Out-of-the-box there is nothing to wire. The BrainPad was designed to be an all-in-one STEM platform with all peripherals integrated directly onto the board.

No Software to Install

By leveraging Microsoft MakeCode, everything you need is in the cloud and does not require you to install a single software package. This makes getting started with BrainPad both easy and effortless.

No Experience is Necessary

While getting started with the BrainPad is simple and no experience is necessary, it also allows students to evolve into advanced uses from high school all the way into college.

Notable Projects

Chicken Run

Help the chicken find her eggs. Inspired by frogger game

Helicopter Ride

Use your helicopter to fly your team back to the base


Remake of the classic Pong game, the grandmother of all video games!

Marble Sorter

Cardboard marble sorter, using a light sensor and two servo motors.

Snap Circuits Liftoff

Adding a “brain” to the classic Snap Circuits

Space Force

This simply single-motor machine can beat you at playing space-force every singe time!

Falling Duck

Remake of the infamous floppy bird game.

Sun Seeking Car

A toy car is programmed to stay in the sunlight

Team BrainPad

Gus Issa

The Visionary Behind the BrainPad

Greg Norris

Video & Game Maker Extraordinaire

Jason Sedluk

The King of MakeCode Extensions

Joel Riley

Master Cardboard Making Guru

What is the BrainPad?

The BrainPad is an exciting STEM/STEAM mini computer for learning and coding video games, robots and electronics. With the BrainPad, students do not realize that they are learning coding and computer science because they are so excited to use and play with the BrainPad.

Giving Teachers What They Really Need

The BrainPad provides teachers with the resources and support they need to create engaging curriculum; facilitating students in real-world learning.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to lend a helping hand? Our sponsors are not just partners for the BrainPad. Instead they are community partners and are needed to fuel this project.

Classic vs Arcade

The Classic BrainPad focuses on physical computing with many sensors and outputs. Use it to teach IoT, physical computing, electronics, robotics. On the other hand, the BrainPad Arcade turns gaming into learning.

Latest Press Releases

Smart Addressable LEDs

A smart LED is a LED that takes in data from a board (Like the Brainpad) and uses that data to set the specified LEDs to turn on different colors.

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