About Us

BrainPad is a USA-based company with a great mission: To offer the smartest coding platform by providing an enhanced technological learning experience that is gratifying and accessible to all ages and backgrounds through our educational devices and coding events. Our unique approach to combining circuits in teaching allows learners to develop hands-on skills in addition to using critical thinking, logic, and analytics.

The Ecosystem focuses on three vital elements:


  • Every level, from school ages to adults: Coding for All
  • Gain hardware and software knowledge while covering a broad spectrum of STEM topics
  • Encourage innovation using coding and technological knowledge, turning ideas into reality


  • Custom-tailored coding lessons to meet specific requirements 
  • Utilize official devices that allow learners to quickly grow and excel
  • Flexible programs that fit different venue configurations, from schools and colleges to libraries and conferences


  • STEM Centric
  • Exciting Students
  • Empowering Teachers
  • Impacting Communities

Our Vision

To give everyone the necessary skills required to understand the ever-growing need for smart-technologies in a digital STEM future.

Mission Statement

To make the BrainPad the smartest coding platform and make programming gratifying and accessible to all learners and educators.

United Nation’s SDG

At BrainPad, we are committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
and we work and support the following common goals:

The BrainPad ecosystem is designed to provide learners with direct access to the innovators of the technology that is hardware + software, a unique feature of what we do.
BrainPad products are packaged in reusable cases…a big plus for helping the environment and keeping your devices stored!


BrainPad components and their homogeneous sub-components are manufactured in compliance with European Union Directive 2015/863 (RoHS Directive) & REACH requirements and are lead-free.

BrainPad supports worldwide concerns that metals mined in conflict areas may be making their way into the electronics supply chain. BrainPad works with its suppliers to ensure that they do not knowingly obtain minerals from these regions.

Some BrainPad accessories kits may contain rechargeable Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries. Always disconnect batteries when storing or shipping circuits.

Perfected in the USA

We are proud to have perfected the BrainPad in our USA headquarters, where we provide the highest level of quality and user support. Our parent company GHI Electronics is a commercial engineering and manufacturing company in Michigan, USA.

Together, we can code the world!

We believe in global efforts as much as we believe in coding things. What can BrainPad do for you?

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