Microsoft MakeCode is an online-hosted editor that brings an easy way to control the BrainPad using drag-and-drop blocks, Python and JavaScript coding options.

Start in minutes, hardware optional!

Here are the initial steps to start using BrainPad Pulse… in minutes… and you do not need a BrainPad, yet! We will start with the online simulator.

Visit and click the large + box to start a new project.

You will be presented with two green blocks, on start and forever. The middle of the screen is the blocks menu options. From Display, drag the show image block onto the on start block.

The on start block is what will happen when the program starts!

And the simulator is now showing the selected image.

Oh yes, it is that easy!

Learning Material

The “MakeCode for BrainPad” eBook guide is a one-stop-shop for learners and curriculum creators.

Additionally, the MakeCode interface home page has several step-by-step lessons that learners can use independently.


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