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Where is the Kit?

Asking students to use a fixed kit will hinder their imagination. Students are inventors if given the chance. Let alone that kits cost hundreds of dollars!

These projects are examples of what can be done using the BrainPad, on its own, or combined with low-cost accessories options

We suggest starting with Games with no additional necessary hardware. When ready, move into Robotics to learn the basics electro-mechanics and physical-computing. Finally, jump into electronics topics using off-the-shelf modules or prototype circuits from scratch.

The community creations-section have other useful info.

Microsoft MakeCode Intro Courses

Microsoft has created courses on how to use all the MakeCode blocks with your BrainPad. The courses start with block based program and transitions to JavaScript coding. Everything you create can be downloaded onto your BrainPad.

Sprites and Collision

Learn about Sprites and Collisions

Chicken Run

Help the chicken find her eggs. Inspired by frogger game

Helicopter Ride

Use your helicopter to fly your team back to the base

Particle Effects

Showing off the built in particle effect


Remake of the classic Pong game, the grandmother of all video games!

Marble Sorter

Cardboard marble sorter, using a light sensor and two servo motors.

Snap Circuits Liftoff

Adding a “brain” to the classic Snap Circuits

Space Force

This simply single-motor machine can beat you at playing space-force every singe time!

Space Invasion

This game was inspired by the Space Invaders game from the 80s. It is fun to play and easy to program.

Sun Seeking Car

A toy car is programmed to stay in the sunlight

Falling Duck

Remake of the famous floppy bird game.


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