Coding Lessons

BrainPad boards are designed to work for every level and every background. All you need is an interest in learning how to code, especially in coding things! If you are not sure where to start, consider DUE Scripts for typed coding. MakeCode is a block-based coding environment that is a good starting point for younger audiences or students afraid of typing code.

DUE Script

The DUE scripting language allows devices to run independent from any host. This very easy-to-learn scripting language is inspired by BASIC and Python, giving the user the simplicity and flexibility they need.


Microsoft MakeCode is an online-hosted editor that provides an easy way to control the BrainPad using drag-and-drop blocks, Python, and JavaScript coding options.


Python is one of the most popular coding languages, especially among students.


This advanced language is used by millions to make professional applications for phones, tablets, games, and computers.


JavaScript is one of the core technologies used by the World Wide Web. 98% of all websites use JavaScript.

Microsoft Excel

Even scientists and bankers have access to the physical word of the BrainPad through Excel.


This is a list of assembly instructions for accessories that require assembly.

Device AssemblyDescription
BrainBot AssemblyAssembling your BrainBot.
BrainGamer AssemblyAssembling BrainGamer.
BrainPower AssemblyAssembling BrainPower.

This hardware reference page shows the hardware pinout and available connections.

Coding … A to Z!

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