BrainGamer Assembly

BrainGamer Assembly


This lesson assumes you already have your own BrainGamer that needs to be assembled. If your BrainGamer is already assembled, you can jump right into the BrainGamer Intro.


The BrainGamer is pretty easy to assemble! In fact, the only thing we need to do is attach the included acrylic handles with the included nuts and screws.


Finally, snap in the rechargeable battery. Make sure to match the positive side of the BrainGamer to the positive side of the battery. A Li-Po battery is used, so make sure to carefully read the Safety section to fully understand how to properly use them.

Assembly Complete

Making it Your Own!

Let your inner artist out and give the BrainGamer any shape you like using cardboard, wood, acrylic, or even try 3D printing one. How about a steering wheel, or perhaps customize the color using one of these materials?

We provide you with a 2D template and a 3D model to get you started. Note that the 3D STEP file will only open using the required software, and try to right-click and save link as if you experience an issue with just clicking download.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve assembled the BrainGamer, we can go to the BrainGamer Intro Lesson.