Play Hard, but Play Safe

ALWAYS disconnect batteries when storing circuits. Energized circuits can short and lead to overheating and possible fire. The BrainPad is an exposed electronic circuit, with few things to consider for safety:

  • DO NOT leave unsupervised with children under 13 or pets.
  • DO NOT snatch the circuit from someone’s hand. The circuit has sharp edges.
  • DO NOT bring near water. Similar to a phone the BrainPad does not like water.
  • DO NOT touch metal objects on the BrainPad. A paper clip can easily damage any circuit.
  • DO NOT attempt to use a BrainPad if it’s too hot to handle or makes any smell.

Li-Po Batteries

Some accessories ship with commonly used Lithium-Polymer rechargeable batteries. When using exposed circuits, extra precaution is necessary. Read the warning carefully and contact us before use if unsure or have any concerns.

  • DO NOT use product while charging.
  • DO NOT overcharge the battery. Unplug charger when full.
  • DO NOT leave a charging circuit unattended.
  • DO NOT place close to metal or moisture, which can cause harmful connections to batteries and circuits.
  • DO NOT use if battery is leaking, damaged, heated, deformed, discolored, smelly or any other abnormal observation. Unplug charger immediately.
  • DO NOT use the battery with the other circuits.
  • DO NOT puncture, short circuit, reverse connect, weld, impact, crush, or throw the battery.
  • DO NOT use the battery in a strong static and magnetic field environment.
  • DO NOT let it freeze or use in direct sun or heat. Keep the battery in a 0 ° C ~35 ° C environment.
  • DO NOT leave with small children or pets.

Easy in, Easy out

The USB cable will connect easily if the cable and the connector are aligned properly. More importantly, the cable must be pulled out straight. Pulling the cable sideways will break the USB connector and may void your warranty.

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