Play Hard, but Play Safe

The BrainPad is an exposed electronic circuit so there are few things to consider:

  • Adult supervision is required for users under 13 years of age.
  • The circuit has sharp edges. Do not snatch the circuit from someone’s hand for example.
  • Just like you can’t put your phone in water, the BrainPad does not like water.
  • Keep conductive objects away from the BrainPad. A simple metal clip can easily damage any circuit.
  • Do not leave the BrainPad within reach of toddlers or pets.
  • Do not attempt to use a damaged BrainPad, especially if it heats up or make any smell when powered.

Li-Po Batteries

Some of the accessories ship with a commonly used Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery. As this is an exposed circuit, extra precaution is necessary. Read the waring carefully and contact us before use if unsure or have any concerns.

  • Don’t use product while charging.
  • Don’t overcharge the battery, unplug charge when full.
  • Don’t leave the circuit charging untended.
  • Keep battery and circuit away from metal objects, heat and moisture, a short may cause the battery to explode!
  • Unplug charger immediately if battery is leaking, damaged, heated, deformed, discolored, smelly or any other abnormal observation, and contact us immediately.
  • Only use the battery with the same circuit it came with.
  • Intentional puncture, short circuit, reverse connection, unauthorized welding, impact, crushing, and throwing of batteries are prohibited.
  • Do not use the battery in a strong static and magnetic field environment.
  • Keep the battery in a 0 ° C ~35 ° C environment. Do not let freeze or use in direct sun or heat.
  • Keep away from children.

And finally, it is important to remember that even though you may not have a cable plugged in, the circuit is energized through the battery. And therefore it has to be stored separately from any other wires and circuits that may cause short. Simply store it in the included reusable case.

Easy in, Easy out

The USB cable will connect easily if the cable and the connector are aligned properly. More importantly, the cable must be pulled out straight. Pulling the cable sideways will break the USB connector and may void your warranty.

Watch Out!

The BrainPad may cause excessive fun!


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