Coding Events

What is more exciting to learners than to get hands-on with technology? Move a robot, make a video game, blink lights, and do much more! We can tell you more, but let us show you instead.

Bootcamps and Workshops

Innovation Bootcamp and workshops are customizable coding programs that can be adjusted to meet your STEM initiatives.  The program is designed based on:

  • Customized period (day, week, semester)
  • STEM topic integration
  • Student count
  • Virtual, on-site, or hybrid
  • Coding language choice
  • BrainPad electronics set for students to use and keep
  • BrainPad course completion certificate for each student

Coding Hackathons

Bring more excitement and challenge your students with hackathons. These events typically include quick sessions on one of the many topics covered by BrainPad (Robots, Games, Circuits, AI, and IoT) and then followed by a competition to highlight the top accomplishments.

Coding For All

Coding is for everyone, and we mean everyone. It fits nicely with schools and even better with adults of different needs and backgrounds.

“How many students haven’t we exposed to technology yet? Tomorrow’s greatest ideas will STEM from the digital knowledge we plant today.” – BrainPad founder, Gus Issa

Coding STEM Lab

Is your school ready for a STEM upgrade? The BrainLab is an excellent starting point for bringing STEM coding to any school or educational institution.

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