BrainPower Assembly

BrainPower Assembly


This lesson assumes you already have your own BrainPower that needs to be assembled. If your BrainPower is already assembled, you can jump right to the BrainPower Intro.


The BrainPower is pretty easy to assemble. First we need to connect the attached rechargeable battery. Make sure the power is off. Position the wires around the connector as show. Note, users should disconnect the battery when transporting inside the case to prevent any possible short circuiting.

Remove the protective cover on top of the 5 screw posts.

Position the BrainPad Pulse holes over the 5 screw posts located at the bottom of the BrainPower base. Place 5 screws into the posts, but don’t tighten down until all the screws are in position, then tighten down.

Now we need to feed the long end of the wrist strap into the slot at the top of the BrainPower Base. Make sure the short end of the strap is on the back. Next feed the strap through the bottom slot of the base. The short end of the strap has a metal buckle that we can feed the strap through. This ensures that the BrainPower board is held in by the strap.

Assembly Complete

Battery Charing

Make sure the rechargeable battery is plugged into the connector of BrainPower. Plug in a micro-USB connector into the charging port of BrainPower. You can use the same cord that came with your BrainPad Pulse. The Charge LED will illuminate. The battery will charge even when the BrainPower switch is turned off. The battery will be fully charged once the Charge LED turns off. Disconnect when transporting inside the case. The battery inside BrainPower is a Li-Po battery that requires special care. Please read the Safety Page carefully.

BrainPower Pinout

The BrainPower pack connects to the BrainPad Pulse through the edge connector. The pinout of the BrainPad is shown on its product page. This section shows the BrainPad pin connections on the BrainPower pack and its features.

What’s Next?

You can wear the BrainPower on your wrist now or you can remove the strap and connect it to a lanyard and wear around your neck. You can even just hold it in your hand and use the BrainPower as a rechargeable power pack. Before we program the BrainPad Pulse to make use of its new wearable portability, let’s familiarize ourselves with all the things available in the BrainPower Intro lesson.

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