Python is one of the supported options through MicroPython.


MicroPython is a Python implementation for small electronics, like the BrainPad. It has gained popularity in schools in the last couple of years and we are bringing this to you as one of the multiple coding options. Our favorite feature about MicroPython is the fact that it self-contains everything; the compiler, the interpreter and even the storage.

Loading scripts

The moment BrainPad is loaded with MicroPython, it will appear on the PC as a storage device. Just like a USB drive. It will be show a file called The user can easily open and modify this file. Any text editor can be used, even Notepad! No installation is necessary; however, for syntax highlighting and better looking code, there are many available options where the teacher is able to load software on the student’s machines.


Another great feature of MicroPython is Read-Eval-Print-Loop where the learner can enter in the code step-by-step.  For example, a learner can enter in x=10 and then enter Print(x). This will return 10, where print showed the value of x. This goes beyond that as it allows entering of functions and loops as well. This gives the teacher the power needed to step students though the code to see what is actually happening.

Medium to High Level Option

MicroPython is somewhat easy to learn. And it can get very advanced and step the learner into full Python programming on a PC. This would be one of the recommended options for high school students and up.

Get Coding!

Visit the lessons plans page and start coding your BrainPad.


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