There are two options for coding BrainPad Pulse using Python, from MakeCode and through MicroPython.


MakeCode supports switching between blocks, JavaScript and even Python. This in-browser no-installation-necessary is easy and simple.

See MakeCode page to get started.


MicroPython is a Python implementation for small electronics, like the BrainPad. MicroPython self-contains everything; the compiler, the interpreter and even the storage.

Thonny IDE

With BrainPad Pulse configured for MicroPython, coding can be done though Thonny IDE.

This IDE can be used for writing Python programs for PCs and also for BrainPad Pulse, creating a common place for learners to crossing from programming devices to PCs, and vise versa.

Get Coding!

Visit the lessons page and start coding.


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