DUE Script

The DUE scripting language allows devices to run independent from any host. This very easy-to-learn scripting language is inspired by BASIC and Python, giving the user the simplicity and flexibility they need.

DUE Scripts are part of the DUE Link platform and includes the DUE Console.

Type code, the easy way!

DUE Script’s power comes from its simplicity. The language is designed as a first step towards learning how to code and it transitions smoothly into full blown languages like Python and C#.

DUE Scripts are coded using an online hosted console IDE. There is nothing to install and it works with any modern operating systems, including Chrome OS.

Getting Started

The first step is to load your BrainPad board with the DUE firmware. Your board is probably already loaded and this can be skipped. If unsure, load the firmware anyway.

Visit the DUE Console page and click on “Firmware”.

Follow the instructions shown on the new page. It will look similar to the image below.

Blink LED

After a firmware update, reset your BrainPad, or simply unplug it from the PC and then plug it back in. Now, we can connect to the DUE console. To connect click on the Plug button.

A window will now show the available connections. If you have more than one, select the one that has DUE in it.

Note how the “About” panel shows some important info, and may remind you that you do not have the latest firmware.

For our blinky program, we do not need to write any code! Just click on Demos ➤ Blink LED.

We can now Record (red button) and then Play (Green Button). The LED will now start blinking on your board.

What you just did was write a program in “Recording Mode”. This program lives on the board (gets recorded) and will always be executed on the device on power up, or after reset. Go ahead and Click Stop (Blue button).

Go to the immediate window, where it says “Code to Run Immediately…” and enter:

Log(“Hello BrainPad”)

And then click the execute button (Right Arrow). This will now show Hello BrainPad in the Output panel. This line of code was not recorded onto the device and only got executed. More on recorded vs immediate modes in future lessons.


Congratulations! You are about to become a programmer, in a fun and easy to learn way! Happy Coding!

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