BrainBot Assembly

BrainBot Assembly


This lesson assumes you already have your own BrainBot that needs building. If your robot is already assembled, you can jump right to the BrainBot Intro.


  • First, turn over BrainBot chassis and find the gold strips along the edge. Place the gearless side of the motor down on the each strip.
  • Plug in motor connectors. They only fit one way.
  • Align motor mounts over holes in the BrainBot chassis, and place over each motor.
  • Place 1 rivet inside each hole of both motor mounts and press them in.
  • The axles are shaped to match the holes in the tire, push each tire onto the an axle. Make sure not to push to far. We need a small gap of clearance in order for the tire to turn.
  • Next, position the front universal wheel over the front holes of the chassis.
  • Place 1 rivet inside each hole of the front wheel and press down.
  • Next, add the recharge battery into battery holder. Note + positive end goes towards the front. A Li-Po battery is used, so make sure to carefully read the Safety section to fully understand how to properly use them.
  • Finally, insert your BrainPad into the connector. If you’re using the BrainPad Tick, place all the way to the right of the connector.

Assembly Complete!

What’s Next?

Now that you have an assembled BrainBot, we can set it up in the BrainBot Intro Lesson.