BrainPad Arcade

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“Don’t just play games, make them” is the mentality behind BrainPad Arcade. With the full support of Microsoft MakeCode Arcade, users can build hundreds of arcade-style games. Go beyond games to use sensors and learn about circuits, or even build robots!


  • Microsoft MakeCode Arcade Ready
  • 1.8″ 160×120 Color Display
  • Jacdac Connector
  • Alligator Clip Pads to Connect Circuits
  • Buzzer Speaker
  • 8x User Buttons
  • Includes USB Cable
  • Includes Carrying Case

MakeCode Arcade

Create games with an Internet browser using Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. Program in Blocks, JavaScript, or Python.

Play the Games you Create!

Download finished games to the BrainPad Arcade over USB, and play them on the hand-held device.

Rechargeable Power

BrainPower Kit is a perfect backpack for the Arcade as it gives it an on-the-go rechargeable power option.

Connect Circuits Too!

Connect buttons, sensors, or LEDs to control or interact with the games you create. Supports both alligator clip type modules and JACDAC modules via the on-board JACDAC connector.

Start Coding

Whether you have a BrainPad Arcade or not, start now with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade Simulator.

Ordering Info

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BrainPad ArcadeBPC-ARCADE-AR2B$39.95
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