The Kits

This section is still under development.

The BrainPad is useful on its own. You only need the included USB cable (and a computer) to get started. However, when you feel ready, you can charter into new adventures!

There are thousands of possible accessories but we have handpicked some for you. We even included tutorials on how to use them.

The Essentials

Make use of the bigger pads on the brainpad with alligator clips
Make the brainpad mobile by adding on a battery pack.

Ready to use

Easy to assembly robot kits made to teach basic robotics
Clean, in the box kit for electronics

LEGO kits and bring moving parts into your projects
These kits have all the electronic components you need for exploring the world of electronics
Not all accessories are about robots, here are some that you can make a whole project around
Snap circuits have been around for years but now you can add coding to your simple circuit
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are the most common thing you see when you want to add color to a project.

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