Frank Schmidt DDS

I am Frank Schmidt, 68 years old and retired from private dental practice after 35 years in southern Missouri. Univ. of Missouri undergraduate (majored in business and science classes ) later entered Univ. of Missouri Kansas City Dental School, graduated in 1982.Then private dental practice in Branson, Missouri area for 35 years

The importance of science and technology, engineering and mathematics cannot be overstated in my humble opinion for students in today’s world. I understand STEM to be especially important for young people as their lives progress into the “connected age” where all home appliances and workplace tools are connected just as we saw the evolution of all tools and appliances being electrified in years past beginning in the 1920-30’s. Any student today who learns about coding and electronics and feels comfortable with Internet of Things devices will have an advantage in the workplace in future years. This electronics savvy is as important as the basic 3 R’s  in school of years past. Just being able to talk to and understand tech. support while on the job and servicing smart devices will make our students today critically valuable to their employers in future years.

I began working with after-school programs locally to show students electronics and coding. I have worked with kids individually to show and explain hardware and coding. I have worked up a program and presented it weekly at a local library. My special focus of interest is students who are being homeschooled because I think it is difficult and expensive for their parents to provide science education in the home setting and MakeCode/Electronics satisfies this science requirement in my opinion. We have also had discussions about coding and art as color coding and performing arts (music) are concerned and also how JavaScript can be useful for building web sites as a possible career path with MakeCode as the beginning step and leading into W3 Schools web page development.