BrainBot API

This is an old page and should not be used

The provided driver allows users to control the BrainBot without needing to understand advanced details.


You must complete the BrainBot Intro lesson first. This page is just a quick reference of the API. Skim through it quickly and jump to the next lesson.

Quick Reference

This page is a summary of the BrainBot API drivers found in all programming language options.

  • Beep(): Generates a short beep on the BrainBot’s buzzer.
  • SoundOn(frequency): Activates the buzzer at a specific frequency. Note that the buzzer is the one found on the BrainBot (connected to P0).
  • SoundOff(): Turns the buzzer off.
  • Move(leftMotorSpeed, rightMotorSpeed): The Move() function takes a value from -100 to 100.
  • Stop(): Stops both motors from moving.
  • Headlight(color): Sets the two headlights on a specific color. The color can be one of the constants found in the BrainPad API or a hex defined color, like 0xF08000 for the BrainPad’s Orange color.
  • Taillight(leftColor, rightColor): Sets the color of the tail lights.
  • DistanceSensor(): Reads the distance in centimeters from the distance sensor located in the front of the robot.
  • GroundSensor(): Reads the ground reflection sensors. A white (or black???) under the sensor will activate it. The returned values are covered below.
  • InvertLeftMotor(): Inverts the direction of the left motor.
  • InvertRightMotor(): Inverts the direction of the right motor.
Returned valueMeaning
0No reflection is detected.
1Reflection is detected on the right sensor.
2Reflection is detected on the left sensor.
3Reflection is detected on both the left and the right sensors.

What’s Next?

You are ready to utilize the robot in any way you like, but we will not leave you on your own. Go ahead and start with making your robot dance.