Space Shooter

In this Space Shooter series we will create a game using MakeCode Arcade. We’ll learn about adding Sprites, moving Sprites, creating projectiles, and collision detection between Sprites.

Target Audience

Anyone 13+ will find benefit from this series. Younger audience can still follow along when paired with an adult. An example can be a pops/grandchild STEM weekend event!


You will need any computer with a modern internet connection. Windows, Mac, and even Chromebook will work! You actually can use a tablet but that is not recommended.

Having a BrainPad Arcade is optional but highly recommended. Making a game on a PC is fun, but nothing is more engaging to learners than taking the game they made and load it on a device they are holding in their hands.

Lesson 1

Creating and moving Sprites. Adding projectiles.

Lesson 2

Adding an enemy and collision detection to a game.

Lesson 3

Make it a game. Add scoring, lives and effects.