By 2025 there will be 3.5 million STEM jobs vacant in the United States alone. 14 of the 16 fastest growing industries of the future in the world are in STEM industries. Potential jobs have been lost due to the lack of a qualified workforce. So, what must be done to increase the number of students who aspire to these high paying careers?

States like Michigan are working on building a STEM pipeline to develop the talent and getting nontraditional students to become STEM workers in that pipeline. Michigan Governor, Whitmer has proposed achieving a goal of 60% of the Michigan workforce, having a two year degree by the year 2040. We can begin STEM teaching and learning sooner with students, partner with businesses for internship programs for real- life hands on learning and, promote dual enrollment courses for high school and college credit.

BrainPad is committed and up to the challenge of bridging the gap between open jobs and the STEM workers needed to fill them in the future. To fulfill these goals, efforts must begin early during the educational process. With tools like the BrainPad STEM products, students can be made aware of the many opportunities that exist within STEM fields, and how it fits their career plans & opportunities.