DUE Script Modes

DUE Link platform allows DUE Script to run in two different ways. There is an immediate mode for “immediate” execution, and a recoding mode where the code gets reordered.

Immediate Mode

…single line but you can use : to add multiple commands

Recording Mode

…code will run on power up

… add exit on top to stop code

Hybrid Mode

Another great use of DUE Script is when using recoding mode to record special functions. Those functions can then be called/executed from immediate mode.


Things get even more interesting when using variables.

… d=5:Test()


Functions added through recording mode are similar to the ones that are part of the internal system. A user may use Servo() to control a servo. In this case, Servo() is a function that was “recorded” by the engineers that made the BrainPad and DUE Link software.

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