Team BrainPad is pleased to announce the addition of Everbest Media as one of its distributors. Located in Malaysia, EBM has been involved in the distribution and supply of scholarly and non-scientific reading materials and technology to meet the needs of the current market, particularly to universities, colleges, schools, bookstores, libraries, and many others. EBM strongly values human development as it is critical to a country’s survival and believes that books and technology are the best medium in increasing knowledge and enhancing the skills of individuals and society.

Everbest Media conducted its first Brainpad workshop for students at the Manipal International University (MIU) in Negeri Sembilan. This is part of EBM’s participation in the MIU’s STEM & TVET Carnival. During this carnival, EBM launched its 1st STEM Innovation Lab at the MIU campus where Brainpad is one of the featured products. Together with MIU and the state’s influential parents and community groups, we plan to bring schools from all over the state to come and visit the lab and take part in workshops.