After much user demand, BrainPad is excited to announce the re-birth and release of the low-cost, under $25, STEM microcomputer know as the BrainPad Tick! 

The Tick’s small size and 5×5 LED matrix make it a great addition to the BrainPad family. The Tick’s smaller edge connecter is compatible with its bigger brothers, allowing users to take advantage of many available accessories. 

Ticks small form factor

From Python to JavaScript and other coding languages, the BrainPad Tick focuses on typed coding vs block based coding. This creates a more real world experience for the user while keeping things simple and user friendly. All existing BrainPad typed code lessons are one-to-one compatible on the Tick!

BrainPad Tick and all the latest BrainPad products and accessories are available on Amazon.