STEM requires an evolving platform, not a toy.

As you evolve so does the BrainPad.

Start Evolving

Evolving STEM Exploration

The BrainPad evolves and scales from the entry-level student who is excited to blink a light or make some noise on the buzzer to mid-level students that can add logic to read a sensor and determine the outcome. Advanced-level students can expand the BrainPad with external sensors and controllers. As the student evolves their creativity and critical thinking skills, the BrainPad evolves with them.

Giving Teachers What They Really Need

The BrainPad provides teachers with the resources and support they need to create engaging curriculum; facilitating students in real-world learning.

Watch the video and listen to what Bob Smitka of the Roseville Science & Engineering Team (REST) and his students have to say about their BrainPad STEM experience.

No Assembly Required

Out-of-the-box there is nothing to wire. The BrainPad was designed to be an all-in-one STEM platform with all peripherials integrated directly onto the board.

No Software to Install

By leveraging Microsoft’s MakeCode, everything you need is in the cloud and does not require you to install a single software package. This makes getting started with BrainPad both easy and effortless.

Expands and Evolves

The BrainPad includes an expansion header that allows students to expand and evolve with the BrainPad by adding additional sensors and circuits. For example you can add a distance sensor to build a collision-detection robot.

InputProcessOutput Image

How the BrainPad Works

The BrainPad uses an intuitive 3 step education technique called Input Process Ouput allowing students to learn to code just like the human brain learns to react to sensory data. The BrainPad sensors send input information through the wires (similar to the nervous system in the human body) that connects them to the computer's "brain", which then processes that information to create a specific response or output as determined by the student.

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Two Paths, Your Choice

The BrainPad gives you two different paths of learning to Start Making and to Go Beyond. Both are excellent options that can be utilized by the same individual.

Not sure where to start? We chose the name Start Making for just that reason as it is the ideal place to start. There is nothing to install, with a web-based tools that includes a BrainPad simulator. You can even start without a BrainPad!

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Want to lend a helping hand?

Our sponsors are not just partners for the BrainPad. Instead they are community partners and are needed to fuel this project.

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