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We think you will find the best game out there is the game you make yourself. BrainGamer also includes a large rechargeable battery letting it run wire-free for hours.


  • Buzzer for generating sounds.
  • Vibrator for haptic feedback.
  • Rechargeable battery that runs all day.
  • Analog rocker for X and Y movements.
  • 4x buttons.

Kit Content

  • Base circuit
  • Acrylic handles
  • Screws and nuts
  • Screwdriver
  • Rechargeable battery

✱ Requires BrainPad Pulse, NOT INCLUDED!

Getting Started

These lesson plans are the first steps towards making your own games. Using MakeCode allows learners to start quickly. There is nothing to install and it runs in an browser.

Ordering Info

NamePart NumberPrice
BrainGamer KitBPK-GMR-2 $39.95
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