Coding for All

Coding Education is for everyone, and we really mean everyone. It fits nicely with schools and even better with adults of different needs and backgrounds. 

“How many students haven’t we exposed to technology yet? Tomorrow’s greatest ideas will STEM from the digital knowledge we plant today.” – BrainPad founder, Gus Issa

School to College

BrainPad provides educators with the tools and resources to incorporate coding into their STEM initiatives, from customized curriculum to the devices needed for hardware integration.  Team BrainPad can work with you to design a program that suits your goals.

Continuing Education

Here at BrainPad, we believe it’s never too late to learn something new, or better yet, strive to excel in a new skill.  AI and IoT, for example, don’t have to be intimidating once you understand what they truly are.  Adding coding knowledge expands any person’s abilities to see the digital world from a new perspective.

Returning Citizens

Coding websites and apps can be done from home, no background check is necessary! Add coding knowledge as an option to carpentry offered during confinement provides returning citizens with more opportunities for rewarding career paths.

Challenged Learners

Coding is an excellent choice for individuals with learning or social issues, adults and kids alike. Coding can be a good source of income for people that have social anxieties, for example. Some handicaps can be challenging for other careers but not for coders.  If you can use a keyboard, you can potentially code.

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