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The BrainPad Pulse STEMS (pun intended) from the need for a decent and evolving coding board. With its beautiful OLED screen and 2x soft buttons, the BrainPad Pulse is ready to be used out-of-the-box.

The bottom edge is ready to expand the BrainPad. Use one of the hundreds available online options or select some of the official accessories.


  • OLED display.
  • 2x buttons.
  • Accelerometer sensor.
  • Buzzer.
  • Indicator LED light.
  • Edge connector with alligator clip holes and socket pins.


The shape of the edge gives the BrainPad options for maximum connectivity. The larger pads with holes can be connected too, using alligator clips. The smaller pads between the larger pads are also fully available and not shared with anything else internally inside the BrainPad. Those are available for all of the available accessories on the market. We also offer our own kits that are well documented and supported.


Make it your way!

Let your inner artist out and give your BrainPad any shape you like, using carboard, wood, acrylic or even 3D print one.! We provide you with a 2D template and 3D model to get you started.

Getting Started

These lesson plans are the first steps towards coding the BrainPad.

Ordering Info

NamePart NumberPrice
BrainPad PulseBPC-PULSE-D$24.95

Made in USA

We are proud to bring you engineering, support for the BrainPad from Michigan, USA. We even run production right from our headquarters in Michigan, USA.


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